About Us

We are Passionate about design

I’m from Tooth Antique and  I have unique interests in Tooth, Art and Antique

Tooth Antique was created in 2017 as a means of providing amazing people with stunning  and  unusual  Antique for a reasonable and affordable price added along at a great level of quality.

With a particular love for teeth we try and make eye-catching   jewellery; each piece is handmade with love and is thoughtfully packaged when shipped out..

At first I started  sculpting out  in Polymer Clay. After few years , I decided I wanted to work with a new medium, just to try something else and Human Teeth  fit the bill You just can’t get more natural or down-to-earth than Teeth. While working with it. How do my designs come to me? I spend time admiring the Teeth, researching and contemplating what would most benefit each particular tooth specimen.

A few years ago I came to know ancient people made jewelry from human teeth.I was thrilled and  at that time I couldn’t find such a thing anywhere, but people in mid obsession are stubborn so I resolved to make my own.

I bought my first set of extracted human  teeth from a dentist cleaned and sterilized them and  made a tooth  necklace and a ring and thus human teeth Jewelry was born

I have been lucky enough to do something I love, to ship my handmade jewellery all over the world, to meet and be inspired by like-minded people and artists.

We love to custom orders! If you have an idea for custom piece  please send a message and we will be happy to discuss this and help make your idea come true.

I’ve been collecting and processing Teeth and  for over 10  years. Each piece is carefully made with love. Nothing is mass produced.  Every piece is meticulously crafted with the utmost care, and no two pieces are the same

All the Teeth in my creations are legally sourced and every piece is handmade!